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The Perfect Necklace for My Gram

When my mum told me that she wanted to have a surprise party for my grandmother, I was excited. She is turning 80 years old in a couple of months, and that was a great reason to have a party to celebrate her many years here on earth. I wanted to get her a really special gift. Normally, I have trouble picking out presents for people, but my gram is different. We both really enjoy vintage jewellery, and I had been looking at some necklaces that I liked a good bit.

I found them on one of my favorite vintage sites for jewellery, and I have bought several pieces from them in the past. The pieces are not only top quality but they are also simply stunning. I knew that I wanted to get my gram a necklace from there, and my only problem was narrowing it down to which one she would like the best. Since she is the one who introduced me to this kind of jewellery, we have extremely similar tastes. I knew that if I liked something, she would more than likely like it as well.

I looked through the different pieces, and I finally settled on a silver hummingbird necklace. My gram has always liked hummingbirds, and this particular piece also comes with a pearl, her other passion when it comes to jewellery. The charm comes on a sterling silver necklace, which she also prefers to gold. It even comes gift wrapped in a black box, so all I will need to do is put a bow on it. I am really excited about giving it to her, because it means I can wear the one I got for myself then too. I couldn’t resist getting one of my own, but I can’t wear it until she gets hers!

February 26, 2014, Writing
I Wanted a New Website

Reebok - eCommerce SiteI had a professional company design my website, but I was not happy with it. I looked at other sites, and I knew that I had not gotten my money’s worth. I chalked it up to a bad decision on my part, and I knew I would not make that mistake again. I wanted to find a new web design company, but I was not going to go with the first one that caught my eye. I looked at quite a few, but I kept going back to one in particular.

There were a lot of reasons why I really liked this company. The main reason was because the websites they have on their page all look great. The best way to show the public that you are the right one for the job is to create a product that everyone is going to like. I clicked through every one of the samples they had shown on their home page, and I liked quite a few of them. I also liked how they didn’t have any of the sites cluttered.

February 15, 2014, Writing