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Gary Weeden

An Internet Connection for Their School Work

Years ago, having dial up was the norm. I believe nowadays, it is the exception because there are so many better options available. I wasn’t even aware of all of them because I have had cable Internet for the last several years. When I moved to Washington state a few months ago, getting Internet service at my new home was my top priority. I have two kids, and I home school both of them. We rely heavily on the Internet for our lessons, so I didn’t want to go a day without it. Looking at showed me all of the options that we had available to us.

I looked up this information even before we moved since we already knew where we would be living. It was easy enough to get the electricity and other utilities ready because there was no choices available on which provider to get on those things. The Internet was different though, because we had quite a few choices there. As part of their school assignment, I had the girls compare all of the options that we had so they could determine what kind of Internet service would be the best fit for our small family.

They had so much fun researching this, and it helps them for later in their lives too by developing these skills early on. They both came up with the same provider that I did, and we talked about why that one was a better choice. Between the high speed connection, the price and the promotions that they were offering, it was just simply the most economical choice for us. We had it hooked up the week we moved in, and it is actually faster than the connection we had before. We didn’t have to miss any school work either, and the girls actually liked that!

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