Gary Weeden

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Gary Weeden

Hands off of the Hair

I’ve never really considered myself to be a violent person, unless I’m really provoked, and even then, I don’t resort to fighting unless I absolutely have to do so. There was one situation where I was forced to fight in order to keep myself from facing great injury. There was someone who just wouldn’t stop trying to attack me, and I had to fight in self defense. I did what I could to get her to stop, but before she did, she grabbed at my hair and pulled out the curly weave that I just had put in my hair only two days ago.

I was mad as hell and had to resist the urge to knock out this woman when she pulled out my weave. If I did knock her out, she probably would have tried to press charges against me, even though she was the one who started the fight and I was only defending myself. That situation really put a damper on my whole day, and I didn’t want to do anything else besides go home and just go to sleep. I didn’t even feel like pressing charges against the other woman, because I just wanted to forget the whole situation.

I had to get new weave put into my hair. I thought that was the end of the situation, but I was wrong. When I was leaving the hair stylist, I encountered the same woman again. She tried to pick a fight with me, and I tried ignoring her, but she wouldn’t go away. I pulled out my phone and started recording the entire incident. She tried to yank my hair out again, but she missed. She then tried to punch me, but missed again. I got the attention of a nearby officer and he arrested her on sight.

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