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Gary Weeden

Looking for a Temporary Office over Here

It turns out that I am not going to be able to get back to Australia in the immediate future and working out of my hotel has not turned out to be a good deal. The problem is that the wi fi is not any good in my hotel room and so if I want to go on the Web I have to go down to the lobby. Obviously it is hard to get stuff done like that. I was searching and found this place,, It says that is the Best Singapore office space sourcing portal and they list a lot of places. I am not sure what they will think if I tell them what I want. Obviously I would like to have an assistant and I need all of the stuff that comes with an office, but I will want to rent it all and then be able to walk away from it any time that I feel the urge.

They have places like that, but I have to keep looking, because I have not found what I need just yet. I could improvise if it was going to be a really short term deal, but it looks like I am going to be here for months and not just a couple more weeks like I had hoped. In fact the guy who is in charge here might be trying to poach me. He is trying to convince me that I could one day be his replacement, but obviously I am a lot more interested in having a job back in New South Wales. There is not much reason not to like it here, but back in Australia I had a nice condo on the beach and a great girl. I would rather be happy than have this guy’s job.

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