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Gary Weeden

My Sister’s Apartment Complex is Now Mine Too

When I visited my sister a few months ago, she told me about a new company that had just opened up close to her apartment building. She showed me some details about it, and it really did sound perfect for me. I was between jobs, so I decided to put my application in. I was hired within days, and she offered her spare room to me until I could get settled. The Pavilions Apartment Homes was really nice, so I decided to see if I could find an apartment there for me too.

While my sister and I love each other very much, we both knew that we could never live together for more than a few weeks. We are the complete opposites, and we would drive each other crazy. I went to the apartment complex’s website and looked at the different floor plans that are available. I knew that I would not need as much space as my sister, which is one of our differences. She likes a lot of space, even though she is just one person. I saw no need to have two bedrooms or two bathrooms when it was just going to be me living there.

I found a really nice one bedroom, one bathroom floor plan, and it was not that far from her own apartment. It would take us about a minute to walk to one another’s door, so it was close enough for comfort but far enough away to keep our sanity too. I was able to take care of everything online, and the apartment was mine even before I ended the lease on the one I had been renting in another city. It was easy to get moved in and settled, and I really like living here. My sister and I usually share a meal now and again, but we are more often seen together in the pool or on the tennis courts here. It’s nice to be this close to her again!

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