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Gary Weeden

Using Cameras to Protect Our Furry Family Members

We have three dogs and a fenced in yard. The fence is all chain link. It is set back from the sidewalk about three feet. The dogs will approach the fence when they see people out walking, but they do not bark. The dogs are friendly all of the time. We do not leave them outdoors unsupervised for any more than about two minutes. We are either out with them or standing at the door. We might go inside for a moment or step away from the door to check something. However, we got one of the better CCTV systems even though our dogs are unsupervised for less than two minutes.

The reason is for the protection of us and the dogs. We are not worried about them biting someone. However, we know that some people are cruel toward animals. We do watch for things being thrown in the yard. We have seen on the news how one family had their dog poisoned by a mean neighbor. Stuff like that does happen, and it would be devastating to us because our dogs are like family. The cameras help protect them. The cameras are prominently installed and we have signs that they are there.

Our close neighbors are all friends with us. However, there are a few bad people living in the town. Some people hate dogs and cats. I have heard people come right out and say they will swerve to hit a cat in the road. It is hard to fathom that such sadistic behavior exists in a small town but it does. We paid a lot of money for our fence so our dogs could play and run off leash. We paid good money for the surveillance cameras to help keep them safe. The world is not inherently safe. You have to take precautions to protect your loved ones.

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